Level Monitor PW10H

Level monitor e.g. for machine monitoring, quality assurance or monitoring of the working noise level. Optionally a traffic light or large display can be connected.

1-channel Level Monitor.


  • Monitoring, machine monitoring, quality control
  • Control of industrial noise



  • Input gain adjustable
  • 4 limit values of sound level adjustable
  • permanent storage of configuration

The level monitor is primarily intended for monitoring of air- or structure-borne sound. A measuring microphone or a piezoelectric accelerometer can be connected to the 4 mA constant current input. A potential-free digital output allows the further processing of the switching signal. (signal light etc.)

In measurement mode the display shows the level and the set threshold in dB. The device is configured by using 5 buttons. With the help of these keys also the threshold values are set. The settings are stored internally in EEPROM, so that after a power failure, the level monitor is now operational again. If the input level exceeds the set limit level, then the switch output is activated and the alarm LED lights up. The switch output is set for the duration of the threshold level is exceeded. The supply of the monitor is via a 24 V DC voltage supply. The power supply is internally protected with an electronic 0.3 AT fuse.