Band pass filter BP1621

BP1621 Tuneable Band Pass Filter with Monitor Amplifier


  • Location of disturbance sources e.g. automotive development, maintenances of vehicle or machines
  • narrow-band analysis in mobile systems


Tunable band pass filter with monitor amplifier.

tunable band pass filter

Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz in 3 ranges

Selectable bandwidth 3% or 23% (Third octave filter) or Lin

Adjustable headphones output

Internal rechargeable battery for portability


BP1621 comes with a tunable Butterworth Filter with selectable bandwidths and separate power supply.

You can select a filter bandwidth of 3% or 23% with the „Filter Mode“ push button. „Linear“ means that the signal will not be filtered. You can select the factor for the frequency range with the „Frequency Range” push button. The requested centre frequency can be chosen by turning the big knob. BP1621 comes with a headphones output. The output level can be adjusted by turning the „Level“- knob.