Charge Converter QSxx / QVxx

Battery operated charge converter for charge sensors. QVxx devices are additionally equipped with a gain. The devices can be adapted to the customer’s individual requirements.

Battery operated charge converter for charge sensors


  • Measuring of acceleration
  • Measuring of vibration
  • Under water measuring with Hydrophone

QSxx and QVxx

Charge converter

Charge converter for piezoelectric transducer

Series QVxx with switchable gain and overload indication

Optional with Filter

Up to 8 identical channels



The battery-operated charge converters of the series QSxx supply an output voltage of 1mV/pC. They are thus suitable for a large number of commercial charge transducer. The charge converters are optimized on smallest self-noise.

The devices of the series QVxx are also equipped with a switchable gain and an overload indicator.

Optionally the charge converters can be equipped also with high and/or low-pass filters.

All devices can be operated with rechargeable battery or external 9V…15V DC voltage.