IEPE power supply IVxx



IEPE power supply for IEPE-Sensors

Any number of inputs and outputs available

Optional amplification: 0 dB, +20 dB, +40 dB switchable

Optional filter, e.g. A-weighting, high-pass, low-pass

Overload indication and sensor indication per channel

BNC input and output sockets, others available

5 V DC Mini-USB, 12 V DC mains operation and / or battery operation

IEPE stands for Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric and describes a class of sensors with integrated electronics, which are supplied by constant current. This method allows using very long, low-cost coaxial cable.

A disadvantage of this principle is that a self-noise arises, which influences the measuring result. (see Technical Data).
ICP®, CCLD, Isotron®, Deltatron®, Piezotron® are trade names for sensors of this principle.

The devices of the series IVxx supply the constant current necessary for these sensors. The power supplies can be configured so that any number of channels, gain, filter, housing design can be freely chosen by the customer.

The devices of the series IVxx can be operated with batteries independently from a mains supply or they can be operated with 12V DC e.g. by connecting to the vehicle electrical system. The included AC adapter lets you charge the battery at the normal power grid.