RMS Converter RMSxx

RMS converter, display and output of an AC input signal coming from an external measuring device (for example Brüel & Kjaer NEXUS) and to be further processed by PC or PLC.


  • Monitoring
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Quality Control


RMS Converter

Optionally linear or logarithmic rectifier

Optional Slow or Fast time rating

Display of the RMS value with freely selectable unit of measurement (dB, mm / s2, V …)

Overload indicator

DC output voltage customizable

Max. Input voltage customizable, standard 1 Vrms

optionales Zubehör: Groß-Anzeige

RMS rectifiers are used to rectify, display and output an AC input signal. The generated DC output signal can be further processed by means of an A / D converter card with a PC or control computer.

The signal generated by a measuring sensor (accelerometer or microphone) is conditioned in an upstream external measuring device (e.g., Brüel & Kjaer NEXUS). The conditioned AC signal is fed to the RMSxx RMS rectifier. The frequency range of the input signal may be in the range of 2 Hz to 20 kHz. The input voltage of the RMS rectifier is standardized by default to 1 Vrms. This value can be adjusted on customer request.

The RMS value is displayed on the LCD display. The outputs are the linear or logarithmic DC voltage values.

The DC output voltage can be adapted to a wide range of customer requirements. Up to four channels can be combined in one housing.