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Cables and accessories

Microphone extension cable

Microphone extension cable as standard version or for increased requirements with the desired plug and coupling combinations (e.g. LEMO, B&K)

Acceleration transducer cable

Accelerometer cables in various designs and connector combinations (e.g. BNC, TNC, Microdot)

Microphone clip

Microphone clip for our MF172 microphone

Windscreens for microphones

Windscreens for our measuring microphones in various diameters.


The headphones for our electronic stethoscopes with an external noise suppression of 35 dB. Download product data sheet

Noise source RQ10

The RQ10 active noise source with integrated noise generator. Download product data sheet

Adapter MP28

+28V to 4mA IEPE, Lemo 1B 7pin to BNC.