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Charge amplifier QSxx and QVxx


  • Measurements of accelerations
  • Vibration measurements
  • Underwater measurements with hydrophone


  • Charge converter for piezo transducers
  • QVxx series with switchable amplification and overload indicator
  • Optionally with filter
  • Up to 8 identical channels
  • Battery operation

The battery-operated charge converters in the QSxx series provide an output voltage of 1mV/pC. They are therefore suitable for a large number of commercially available load receptors. The charge converters are optimized for minimum inherent noise.
The devices in the QVxx series are also equipped with switchable amplification and an overload indicator.
The charge amplifiers can also be optionally equipped with high-pass and/or low-pass filters.
All devices can be operated with rechargeable batteries or an external 9 V…15 V DC voltage.