Electronic Stethoscope ES10i / ES11

Our electronic stethoscope sets ES10i or ES11 consist of a monitoring amplifier, a directional microphone, a headphone and a case. The AV11i and AV14 monitoring amplifiers are designed primarily for monitoring airborne noise and structure-borne noise via headphones to be connected to the output.


  • quick and exact sound location of disturbing sources e.g. in the filed of development and maintenance of vehicles and machinery
  • Preamplifier for analyzers

Monitoring Amplifier

There are two variants available:

AV11i monitoring probe


  • included in set ES10i
  • IEPE Input channel (Microphone or acceleration sensor)
  • Measuring output
  • Adjustable Headphones output
  • Input amplifier: 0 dB and +20 dB selectable
  • Switchable octave filter, 9 frequencies
  • Switchable third octave filter, 25 frequencies
  • Display with backlight
  • Overload indication
  • Internal rechargeable accu for portability
  • Robust aluminum cabinet
AV14 Monitor Amplifier and Charge Amplifier without filter


  • included in set ES11
  • one input channel ( Direct or Microphone or Charge)
  • one measuring output
  • adjustable Headphones output
  • internal rechargeable battery for portability
  • robust aluminum cabinet

Monitoring amplifier AV11i / AV14

The 1-channel monitor amplifier AV11i and iAV14 are handheld, battery-driven instruments, which has been constructed mainly to monitor acoustic and vibration signals with headphones.

AV11i offers you many possibilities to locate disturbance sources. AV11i offers you many possibilities to locate disturbance sources. It has an IEPE measuring input for microphone or piezoelectric accelerometer. The measuring signal can be weighted with the switchable octave filter (9 frequencies) or third octave filter (25 frequencies).  So you can detect the exact frequencies of the disturbance source.

The AV14 has an input to which an MI10 microphone or a piezoelectric accelerometer can be connected.

At the output socket of the two amplifier variants you get a voltage proportional to the acceleration or sound pressure independent of the amplification of the headphone amplifier. So the instrument can be used as a front end for analyzers.

The AV11i and AV14 are designed for mobile use. The power is supplied by batteries. Thanks to the robust aluminum housing, both amplifiers can also be used in a robust environment.

Directional Microphone MI10i / MI10

  • MI10i is a IEPE  ½” Directional Microphone, MI10 is a voltage-fed ½” Directional Microphone
  • Stylish matt black handgrip
  • Robust, climate-friendly miniature design
  • Built-in windscreen
  • Background noise elimination
  • Fixed-mounted matte black swan-neck

Headphones KH10

  • Closed diffuse field headphone
  • Excellent ambient noise attenuation (≥ 35 dB A)
  • Superb audio quality with high sound pressure level (105 dB)
  • Robust spring steel headband
  • Single sided cable (straight cable, 3 m long) with in-line volume control
  • Gold plated jack plug (3.5 mm) and adapter (6.35 mm)

Carrying Case KO10i / KO10

  • Foam insert specially shaped to hold an AV11i or AV14, MI10i or MI10 and KH10
  • Housing material: aluminum
  • Dimensions B × H × T: 460 × 170 × 360 mm
  • Weight  without equipment: approx. 2.3 kg
ES10i Set
ES10i with case
AV11i monitoring probe
AV11i monitoring probe
AV11i Top
AV11i top view
AV11i Bottom
AV11i bottom view
AV11i bottom view
MI10 Directional microphone with handle and swan-neck
MI10 Directional microphone with handle and swan-neck
KH10 Dynamic headphones with 35 dBA ambient noise attenuation
KH10 Dynamic headphones with 35 dBA ambient noise attenuation
KO10 / KO10i
KO10 / KO10i case for electronic stethoscopes
ES10i Set